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  • Gayle Keith

    I have to say I am so impressed with Dr Patel. Having had experiences previously with dentists that I have been trying to delete from memory for so many years I have finally found someone who demonstrates professionalism and such a soothing nature. I feel I have finally got over my previous experiences. The treatment I have received from Dr Patel was quite extensive and at no time did I feel anxious during the procedures. I am so grateful for the wonderful work he has done and he is an asset to your practice. ‘My satisfaction will be your recommendation’. I am more than happy to recommend Dr Patel to my family and friends. 22.10.14

    Trish Thorpe

    The service was great. The treatment was painless, he was very patient as I was a nervous customer. The treatment was comfortable and I am very pleased at the way it looks. I should have got it done sooner.

    He offered me advice to implement to help with the care of my teeth. Thank you Nik. 2.10.14

    Tricia Walton

    Although I am 64, I am still terrified of going to the dentist however I was having bad toothache and had no choice. I was shaking as I sat in the chair and Dr Patel asked me what was the problem. He then reassured me that he would not hurt me. He explained that I had one loose tooth that had an infection under it. I also had a tooth with a large hole. Dr Patel told me he needed to extract the loose tooth and fill the other tooth. I told him how on a previous occasion it had hurt me a lot when I had had a needle for a filling. He once again reassured me. Well, here I am an hour later all finished – extracted, filled and even cleaned. I am so grateful to Dr Patel for making this a relatively painless experience and I wont be nervous to come back. I would certainly recommend Dr Patel and in particular to anyone who is afraid of going to the dentist. 15.10.14

    Jennifer Brown

    This would have to be the first time to a dentist that I never felt the needle or the tooth being extracted. I was well informed of the procedure during the extraction. Thank you for your friendly professional services. Would have no hesitations on coming back again. 24.9.14

    Carmel Brongham

    Dr Nikesh Patel’s service was professional and personable. Treatments and injections were painless which was a pleasant surprise. Xrays taken resulting in a number of fillings being required. I was informed throughout treatment what needed to be done, how to signal the dentist if/when I needed a break. My dental treatment was comfortable. I have had a few consultations with Dr Patel to date and so far have been happy with results. My teeth are heavily filled due to age and past health issues, so they are a challenge for the dentist and myself to maintain and keep in good order.

    I was offered professional advice how to care and look after my teeth and gums and suggestions on what to avoid to keep my dental health at an optimum level. I would recommend Dr NIkesh to family and friends as their future Dental Physician. 3.9.14


    Very happy with Nikesh and assistant. Very quick, gentle and professional. 6.8.14

    David I

    Excellent, professional services. Dentist calm, no rush, no need to have reservations on having an injection or tooth extraction. Listened to my problem. 23.7.14

    Ashley Bannah

    I found Dr Patel very professional in his manner. Precise and thorough. I am very satisfied and would recommend him to friends. 4.8.14

    Janelle Packman

    Dr Patel made me feel very comfortable and took the time to explain my situation to me so that I was able to understand. He was very professional but also caring. It was my first visit and will be returning. 22.7.14

    Kay Collins

    I found Dr Nik to be very efficient. I felt comfortable with my treatment and it was explained clearly. I am happy with my treatment and would recommend him to others. 21.7.14

    Casey Glen

    I found Dr Patel to be very professional, clear, precise on my procedure. Would definitely recommend him to others. 21.7.14


    Dr Nikesh is very good, great service no pain. Had a tooth pulled out and did not feel it. I would recommend him. Am very happy. 16.7.14


    Dr Nikesh has great dentist manners, always looking out for you making sure you’re comfortable and not in pain and yes I would recommend him to my family and friends. 26.06.14


    Had a very painful molar that needed removing. Dr Nikesh informed me before removal he may not be able to get all tooth/roots out due to the complexity, but he did! No pain at all. Absolutely stoked. Thank you. I will definitely be recommending. 23.06.14


    Dr Nikesh was very pleasant, very easy appointment. No pain and no soreness. Will keep coming back. Tooth feels very comfortable. Thanks Dr Nikesh. 21.6.14

    Naomi Kue

    Dr Nikesh was fantastic. Made you feel at ease with the treatment. Made the dentist trip less scary. Thanks heaps, will definitely be back more regularly now. 17.6.14


    Great service, friendly efficient way of explaining now/what needed doing. Removed tooth without pain. Great job. 16.6.14


    Thank you Nikesh for your quick efficient service & explaining how/what you were doing. Only dentist to recommend and fix a crack in my tooth. 27.5.14


    Great service, very softly spoken and told me everything that was going on. I had a large tooth removed. Did not come out easily, but I was made to feel at ease. I would recommend Dr Nikesh to anyone that doesn’t like dentists because he makes you feel comfortable. Great job thank you. 24.5.14


    Dr Nikesh was amazing. Patient, sincere and he made the treatment painless. Will be bringing my children – highly recommend and for someone terrified of the dentist. I will be back. Thank you.


    Needed a root canal done. Very informative and painless. Thank you for your patience with me as I am terrified of dentists. 24.5.14


    I had a gap filled in between my 2 front teeth today. Dr Nikesh did a fantastic job. No pain and it has made a huge difference to my smile. Thank you Dr Nikesh :)

    Angela Campbell

    I had 2 crowns put in on very damaged teeth. He did a fantastic job and the treatment was painless. I would and will be referring my family and friends to Dr Nikesh – and also returning to continue my own treatments. He has a wonderful manner with his patients and work colleagues. Thanks. 10.5.14

    Ruth Fisher

    Dr Nikesh is a legend. The results of my dental work was painless. I felt very comfortable and made to to feel very relaxed. Dr Nikesh takes the time to actually LISTEN to what what you want. His work has made a huge difference, I feel I can finally smile again. I wish everybody could have a dentist like Dr Nikesh, then no-one would fear going to the dentist (like I used too). I had composite veneers and they look brilliant-watch out world. The staff were kind & lovely too.

    Tammy Carter

    I had a tooth removed roday. It was very comfortable!! I can’t believe I didn’t feel a thing. 10.4.14

    Steve Matthew

    Excellent service; extremely flexible staff. Dr Nikesh takes away any pain. Thought thoroughly professional. Thank you. 24.3.14

    M C Cull

    Great service and dentist attentive to personal needs. Thank you! 3.3.14


    I am very pleased with the professionalism carried out during my appointment; and will definitely be recommending to family and friends. 8.2.14

    Michael Musumeci

    The service was very good, everybody was very nice and friendly. The treatment was as painless as it could be. The treatment done was root canal therapy and the treatment was fairly comfortable. I would definitely recommend Dr Nikesh to family and friends. I am happy with the result. 6.2.14

    Stephanie Potts

    Service was excellent and painless. I was comfortable and very happy with the treatment I received. I surely recommend Dr Nikesh to family & friends or anyone to come and get what they need done here with him. My treatment was tremendous. Thank you for the wonderful service I received from the staff. 15.2.14

    Gary Ralph

    Excellent service painless. Extraction fairly comfortable for a nervous patient like m. Highly recommend Dr Nikesh.  Kind & empathetic to me. Good aftercare advice. 28.1.14

    Patient Testimonials (2012-2013)

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    Patient Testimonials (2012-2013) Part 2

    A D Smith

    I would like to thank Nik for the wonderful job on the rebuilding of my front tooth. Absolutely excellent job! I can now not worry about smiling at anyone. So sad you are not staying at the dental practice. December 2013

    J Stout

    Dr Patel always puts you at ease when you come to the dentist and would definitively recommend him. always a great service. good luck for the future. 10.12.13


    Dr Patel is a great dentist, always friendly and put me at complete ease. Would clearly explain what he was doing and what measures I should take myself. Great service! 21.11.13

    Mary Piper

    Very nervous but Dr Patel put me at ease & the extraction was practically painless. Jo was great.

    Rowena Snowden

    Always pleasant, polite & helpful. Treatment excellent.

    Julie Black

    My treatment throughout has been excellent. At each stage the procedure was explained to me and any questions I had were answered fully. Both dentist and dental nurse were friendly and put me at my ease. I can’t praise highly  enough. 24.10.13


    The service was always excellent. Treatment always explained and painless. Treatment always comfortable. Would always recommend Dr Nik. Very happy with end result. Advice always offered. 15.11.13

    Spencer Pope

    Very pleased with my treatment and prompt service. 23.10.13

    Marina Carter

    Clear concise instructions, friendly approachable manner of dentist and nurse. Very pleased with result of treatment.

    Angela Parker

    Very pleased with clearly explained treatment. As an older patients with worries from painful treatment as a child I was nervous of having the cap fitted -but was amazed at the great procedure & v.effective work done. Thank you for such a reassuring manner.

    Janet Halligan

    I was very pleased with the work I had done.


    Very impressed with service. Explained everything in details re the cap I was having. Also asked if I had any questions & both Dr Patel and his nurses were very polite, reassuring and friendly.


    treatment -perfect, care and service perfect. Thank you.


    Friendly reassuring manner. After care information very useful. All equiment and room clean and hygienic. My children also very happy and comfortable when Nik is attending to their teeth.


    Excellent service, attended with toothache. Seen quickly and had tooth removed with care and consideration. No Pain, everything explained, wonderful care & attention.

    Maria Sands

    Dr Patel made me feel really at ease. He explained everything to me what he was going to do. Excellent dentist with excellent treatment. Very happy with the overall service. 8.10.13


    Dr Patel is a great dentist who listens and is understanding especially as I have a needle phobia. 3.10.13


    Very good service. Very happy. 20.09.13

  • 2013 Written Testimonials Dental Professionals

    Dental Professionals (2013)

    Dr Eoin O’Carroll

    I have worked with Nik for 18months. He has a pleasant and affable personality and this shows through his ability to deal with anxious patients and provide the reassurance they require. Nik has always been very accommodating in his approach to other members of staff and has been a pleasure to work beside. 17/12/13

    Jenna Devine

    After working alongside Nikesh for just over a year and occasionally nursing for him it’s clear to see he puts patients at ease and has a welcoming nature. He is very easy going and this is a great attribute to have when working in a big dental practice. He will truly be missed. 13.12.13

    Dr Hajirah Mir

    I have worked with Nik for just over one year. As a new graduate it was daunting to join a practice full of much more experienced dentists. Nik has been a great support and never hesitated in giving help or advice when needed. Nik will be truly missed by staff and patients alike. 11.12.13

    Bonnie Shearer

    I worked with Nik for 4 months before leaving to have my son. He was a pleasure to work with and made coming into work enjoyable but also fun. He has a very good rapport with staff and patients and made patients feel very at ease and comfortable. When patients knew they were seeing Nik they all seemed very happy. Overall we will be very sad to see Nik leave.

    Jo Ostrehan

    I have worked with Nik for around 14 months. We have built a great working relationship. Nik has great people skills and always makes patient feel at ease. Always great to work with Nik! I trust Nik and his dental work. Overall Nik is a great dentist/friend! I will miss him very much when he leaves! 11.12.13

    Jade Conn

    I have worked with nik now for 7 months, and in this time I have seen his confidence and believe in all the treatments that he provides.

    Patients feel at ease and are happy to go ahead with any treatment he see’s fit for them. I think he is a pleasure to work with and would be happy to nurse with him any time.

    I think we work well together and know that the patients feel comfortable with us.

    Jade Conn (dental nurse)